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Hope this helps…

Good luck to all in the contest/fundraiser and thank you for supporting the calendar project!


I almost forgot that — after the contest site was hacked last year — the site was moved to a more secure location and is now running on Central Time, not Eastern.

Be sure to consider that when placing votes in the last hour or so of the contest/fundraiser.

Thanks for supporting the calendar project.

Have a good one!





1 of 5 screen shots from cell phone vote.


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Hope this helps!

Thanks for supporting the calendar project.

Have a good one!



Some quick notes to help you through the process:

You must have a PayPal account to vote/donate in the 2018 “Enchanted Moments” calendar contest/fundraiser. If you don’t have an account (and prefer — for whatever reason — not to set one up, you can vote/donate through someone who does have a PayPal account and they can mention your name when they complete the process — there is a place at the end of the voting process where you can add a note to your receipt/donation). You may vote in multiples of $1 ($1-per-vote). I and the teachers/children who will benefit from your kind generosity will be grateful for every vote, whether it be for $1 or $100 (or anything in between). To vote, simply click on the right side of the home page of this site where it say’s “Vote Now!”, then follow the prompts. IMPORTANT: I hand tally and hand change the vote on and off each day during the 2 weeks the contest/fundraiser runs. There is no live vote so be patience as I will update the contest/fundraiser online tally as often as possible.  ASAP after midnight each day, I will also send an email (to the contest families only) with a daily updated vote tally so they can check to see if there are any over/under votes, etc. If you have questions during the process, email me at and be sure to check my FB page at regularly for updates on the progress of the contest/fundraiser, our daily “Top 5” (beginning on Aug. 16th), tips on how to get more support for your child during the contest/fundraiser, etc.

Good luck to everyone in the contest/fundraiser and thanks to all for supporting the calendar project.

Will check back in the morning (roughly 9 a.m.) to begin counting votes and updating the vote tally on the contest/fundraiser site.




Well Hello!

Do consider sharing this flier with social media friends, family, and with the dance, modeling, and pageant community.

We have a lot of work to do in less than 3 months (all originals for the 2018/19 calendar project must be shot no later than June 30, 2018 to allow time to do all the post production work in preparation for the contest/fundraiser and — once we know the 12 children/images winning a spot in the 2019 calendar — tweaking images and design work for the printer).

Check the blog (and my FaceBook page at for info/image updates and all things calendar project.

Email for more info or to book a session.

Dance/Modeling/Pageant coaches/directors: Put a group of 5 or more together (per day) and I’ll come to you (within 2 hrs. of Otter Lake, MI). Email for my theme portrait group shoot sign-up/info packet.

Okay, that should hold you all for now.

Do visit regularly (at least once weekly) to see what we’ve been up to.

Looking forward to creating some lovely images for this year’s calendar project.

Have fun selecting costume pieces and themes.

I’d be happy to help if you need suggestions or input on looks/pieces you’re considering.

Have a good one!

Well Hello!

Welcome to the official launch of the 2018/19 “Enchanted Moments” calendar project.

Check back often for updates as to group theme shoot dates, info on the project as it progresses, the contest/fundraiser launch, and all things calendar project.

All images must be shot no later than June 30, 2018 so I have time to select the image to develop for the contest/fundraiser, to do the post production work, to prep the finals for the contest site and — once we know which 12 children/images won a place in the 2019 calendar — to fine-tune everything before submitting the calendar design to the printer.

Looking forward to helping create some lovely images again this year. For more info or to book a session, contact me at

Thank you for helping expand awareness of and participation in the calendar project. Your kind generosity is greatly appreciated.